Elias & Carol…a normal wedding??? NO WAY!

Elias & Carol…a normal wedding??? NO WAY!


Elias and Carol are not very normal!!! And i am proud to call them my friends… Actually best friends!

They fell in love beating each other up in a karate class and carried on falling in love jumping out of airplanes , hanging off cliffs , speeding on motorcycles , rolling on a bjj mat, travelling the world , kitesurfing and dancing their asses off at any giving moment …

And in between all that, they are parents to two beautiful girls …

People came in from Panama, Portland U.S. , Dubai , France , Norway , Netherlands and Greece….so the world exploded for just a few hours and i’m glad i was there with my camera to record that!!!!

Their wedding took place on a lovely Monday evening in Rhodes Island – Greece..

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